Red Sonja Lives in Sonya Yu

Sonya Yu

Ah, San Francisco. One of my Navy bosses described it thusly: once a great city, forever lost.

When the local citizens arm themselves with bear spray and a wooden sword (a bokken), like what Sonya Yu did, I feel proud and sad. Proud for Sonya (you get’em, grrrrl!) and sad that someone was stealing her packages. Right around Christmas time. (The apprehended grinch was named Andy Anduha.)

8 thoughts on “Red Sonja Lives in Sonya Yu”

  1. Read the last few comments attacking Sonya for her treatment of poor Andy. Apparently it’s OK to steal from your neighbors in Pelosiland as long as you’re non-violent in doing it. C’mon San Andreas!

  2. Boats: San Fran is strange. I agree with everything you said.
    Struan: Unbelievable! What a bunch of sheep. Let the thieves steal from us.

  3. Un-‘bear’-lievable story!

    I would have torn his arms off and beat him with them! This woman deserves an award for what she has done, not ridicule from those ‘do gooders’.

    NOTE TO SELF; places to avoid when I visit the US = 1. San Francisco.

    Yours Aye.

  4. Good for her! And she’ll get sued in 3…2… Sigh… And yeah SFO is a wierd town. Did two tours in the area, probably did less than 10 trips to the City in 6 years.

  5. “One angry online commenter wrote: ‘…y’all are a bunch of Texans if you think this violence is justified.’ ”

    Damn right!

    And damn proud of it!

  6. EB: A bearable comment!
    Old NFO: Ach, I agree with you about SF. A lost city.
    CTT: I love that comment. Y’all a bunch of Texans.

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