AK-Style Weapons

Can we please stop referring to weapons as AK-style unless they were actually AK-47s? It is not too much to ask, is it? AK-style is a term overused by the media.

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  1. To the average journalist, AK-style could be anything from 10/22’s to AR-15’s to WASR-10’s. Heck, it might even be official Red-Ryder carbine action range model air rifles.

    1. You are right, the average media guy is clueless. I wish they would all go to the range and learn how to shoot. Perhaps we would get better reporting.

  2. There are so many companies jumping onto the back of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s AK (Avtomat Kalshnikova) iconic weapon, that a journalist may well describe versions as ‘AK types’.

    I am far from being classed as an expert, but in my service career I have handled and fired a variety of AK’s one of which was a pre ’47’ carbine prototype (very rare today). It was designed by ‘AK’ who was strongly influenced by the M1 Garand (some thing he kept quiet about at the time, as it would have too political to give credit to a US weapon).

    A few years ago there was an amazing program on Mikhail Kalashnikov in which he featured heavily throughout.

    He explained his initial dismay at losing out on two pre 1947 Government trials, in which the USSR were looking for their weapon of choice for the armed forces. He was eventually successful on the third sponsored trial and the AK47 (1947) was contracted for service (the curved mag allowed a heavier payload with an easy feed, which also played a prominent part). ‘Hey presto’, a mass produced iconic weapon is born.

    Still not my weapon of choice, as on full auto it climbs like a mountain lion after a billy goat. But on a battlefield against the islamic hordes it would be my back up weapon as they are about in their hundreds of thousands, with a plentiful supply of 7.62 mm ammo.

    Of interest…
    The overall estimated numbers of ‘AK-type’ weapons vary. The Small Arms Survey suggest that “between 70 and 100 million of these weapons have been produced since 1947”!


    The World Bank estimates that out of the 500 million total firearms available worldwide, 100 million are of the Kalashnikov family, and 75 million are AK-47s.
    Approximately 5 million of these were manufactured in the former USSR!
    (The world bank monitors the ‘arms industry’ as it is worth $ Trillions every year, any form of counterfeit goods falls under their magnifying glass as true revenue is lost).

    Because ‘AK-type’ weapons have been made in other countries, (more often illicitly and not under licence), it is impossible to know how many really exist.

    The over all majority of AK’s used by the Taliban and terrorist forces operating in Afghanistan use illegal AK copies made in Pakistan using reverse technology.
    (You may well have viewed some clips on Youtube where an AK self dismantles when it is being fired).

    Remember people, as the adverts say; never buy counterfeit goods…

    Mikhail Kalashnikov addressed the United Nations in 2006 at a conference aimed at solving the problem of illicit weapons, saying that he appreciated the AK-47’s role in state-sponsored defence but that counterfeit weapons carrying his name in the hands of “terrorists and thugs” caused him deep regret.

    Yours Aye.

    1. As well, it might, Ex Bootneck….a lot of people have died at the hands of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s weapons, even the reverse engineered ones that may fall apart…so his regret may very well be real….but it was the Soviet Union who mass produced and manufactured these ‘iconic’ weapons of death and you provide a most interesting history lesson….thanks….didn’t know that…you are truly a font of wisdom….k

  3. The irony is that style-conscious metrosexual “journalist” s, who have no clues about the basics (much less the nuances) of weaponry, don’t realize that the AK-47 has no “style.” It has all the “style” of a tree branch club. It is a brute force cudgel that 10yr old Sierra Leone mercs can operate as efficiently as a Spetznaz trooper. The AK-47 posesses neither accuracy or elegance but it is the ultimate practicality. The champion weapon of mass destruction for six decades. But, hey – they can tell the difference betweem Armani & Catthart.

  4. EB: A very interesting historical note. Thanks. Never shot one, but when I fired an MP5, I was surprised by how quickly it climbed if not pushed forward. Almost as if you are pushing the bullets downrange.
    Kris: It prolly is the gun that has killed the most people, worldwide.
    Struan: It is sad, our media. I’ve never felt that way more than this year.

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