The WATCH List

High on my Christmas list is a helicopter. But after reading the WATCH list (World Against Toys Causing Harm), I guess I need to find a new gift. . .

4 thoughts on “The WATCH List”

  1. I have to say, the commenters on Yahoo are becoming a far better read and astute group than has been previously acknowledged….I say carry on…they now understand the stupidity of the people writing the articles….and they don’t hesitate to say so…we all do such good work….k

  2. N1,
    I went the helicopter route, with a couple friends.
    The maintenance “nickle & dimed” us to death, and two of us are A&Ps!
    They are fun, but will make you poor in a hurry.

    The toy ones, not so much.

    The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) is dead.
    Long live the USS Enterprise (CVN-80)!

    1. Hey neat! I was supposed to get a helo ride down in Santa Barbara on vacation, but the fog bank scratched us from flying. And I agree, we need a new Enterprise. . .

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