Rules for Mortaring

The basic rules for mortaring are all ignored in this pictured. See if you can identify them:

Rules for mortars- Don’t talk to ’em, don’t smoke when holding one, and don’t shoot them off indoors

12 thoughts on “Rules for Mortaring”

  1. To their heavy cost the FSA have learned the hard way about silhouetting against opened windows.

    Here we have a room full of unprofessional ‘drop shorts’ that are obviously way rear of the action, and stood down (the ‘tube’ has seen better days and appears to be on its last legs).

    How bored does a man have to get when he resorts to reading the verbiage printed on a mortar bomb?

    Yours Aye.

  2. EB: I will read a tube of toothpaste if I am bored, but my major rule is: never read a mortar shell.
    MSgt: Ha ha, like Blackbeard!

  3. Members of Jihadi Feisal’s Flying Carpet Corps planning their first mission. Inshallah.

  4. Johnny Jiihad down at Hamas’s PR department told me pose like this and Johnny would not lie to me!!

  5. Looks like he’s thinking “Now which end goes in the tube first again? They said ‘pointy end points out the tube”, but both ends are kind of pointy.”

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