Brown University Students Crack It

For all you nut code-crackers out there, an impenetrable shorthand used by 17th century religious dissident Roger Williams was finally cracked by a team of Brown University students.

One thought on “Brown University Students Crack It”

  1. I think we all need to realize the current crop of academic pinheads put themselves in the position of doing the so-called translation and interpretation of what Roger Williams meant (or at least what they in all their wisdom claim he meant)…I would quite honestly view most of it with some askance (new word for me, meaning criticism or skeptism of their world view and interpretation)…of course, who wouldn’t considering the state of political correctness and multicultural diversity that tips the scales at overboard…. we’re not talking objectivity here; they have a political agenda and ideology to push and it must conform with their belief system…so you take it for what it’s worth with those criteria in mind….k

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