Get Yer Goat?

Whoever stole Bill the Goat, the Navy’s official mascot, and left the poor guy near the Pentagon on Army Navy Drive in Arlington, Virginia, you will get your comeuppance. Remember Army, the Navy has owned you for ten years. And pranks like this only inflame the competitive juices. Or as it is known in France, jus de la compte. (Or is that what I use at Jamba Juice? My language fu feels weak today.)

5 thoughts on “Get Yer Goat?”

  1. Years ago, my cousin was in charge of A&M’s mascot, Reveille, when the dog was stolen by UT from my cousin’s back yard in Dallas. My cousin had left the dog with his father for just a few minutes, and Reveille was taken by those nasty, but quick, UT boys. It was a major to do. By the way, my cousin is now a Major in the Marines.

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