The Piggish Chef of Pigalle

I’m no chef. I don’t run a restaurant. But if I did, I would not do what Marc Orfaly, the chef of Pigalle, did to Sandy Tremblay. When I worked as a waiter, one of my managers took me aside and told me that not all customers are right. I always treated customers as if they were right. But dealing with a drunk one night reminded me of what my boss had said. And Marc Orfaly should have turned the other cheek. Now he looks like he just stuck his head in a pumpkin pie and got it all over his face.

8 thoughts on “The Piggish Chef of Pigalle”

  1. People who make their complaints public without first doing so in person lack courage, manners, sense, etc. If Ms. Tremblay did not like her meal, she should have spoken to the restaurant/chef first – and done so peacefully and orderly. Then if the issue was not resolved, she could complain in other ways. But to go to FB and make such remarks was childish. And she got a childish response.

    1. She did. I was there. People who make comments based on living vicariously through others should get a life.

      1. You are right, jl, I was not there. I only read the linked article and assumed from this statement that Tremblay had not gone through proper channels with her complaints: “While we feel that if a guest is dissatisfied, they should bring it to our attention immediately, there is no excuse for name-calling and foul language…”

        And you are right again, jl. I don’t lead a very exciting life, but at least I was not eating at a Boston restaurant, spending $200.00 on a sorry meal for Thanksgiving. Nope, I was frying a turkey in the backyard for 20 family members. We drank home-brewed beer and did other redneck thangs.

  2. A lot of the problem today is, people lack any sort of common sense and civility…we have it from the top that this should be so and yet no demonstration of that sort of behavior at all, in particular from that self-same person….the only people who seem to do that are the losers and then they’re laughed at for showing some class…a sad commentary, indeed….and I’d like to see what goes around, coming around to those lack so little charity or even know the meaning of the word…k

  3. As we are all aware; the ‘inter-web’ can be a doubled edged tool for good and evil. IMHO. They both deserve each other’s patronage.

    Due to the way I was brought up; I was ‘old school’ in my teens, which I am proud to say remains the way to this day.

    I have recently received service above and beyond the normal; concerning a certain piece of IT equipment, that was faulty in the box, direct from the manufacturer.

    The young lad who took my ‘ready-to-detonate’ telephone call could not have been more helpful in his assistance, he even recommended me for an upgrade replacement piece, which was delivered the next day; even picking up the ‘duff’ one at the same time. He then put the icing on the cake by calling the following day to see if all was well!

    In kind I took the time to ‘write’ a letter (wet ink) to the company, (with an e-mail back up) praising the lad as well as their company policy. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I received a reply in the same manner.

    Perhaps the world will come around full circle one day soon.

    Yours Aye.

  4. Kris: The challenge is if someone does not know they lack common-sense. When I was young, I lacked it at times. But I kept my mouth shut and watched how others behaved.
    EB: I love it. I make this a standard practice. I’ve done it at least a down times, telling the manager when I have particularly good service.

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