Chinese Women, Carrier Style

Um, look closely at the Chinese girls, below, at a bar. Do you see what they are doing?

Chinese Women Carrier Style (航母style)

Yes, the bar girls are inspired by the take-off and landings of J-15s on China’s new Liaoning aircraft carrier. Here is the USS Stennis’ LSO launching a plane:

You got to get lower, ladies, like the LCDR. For more Chinese news, please read about tough, good guy Shen Jianzhong. . .

6 thoughts on “Chinese Women, Carrier Style

  1. Ahhh ok… I see it,

    two Jianzhong’s do make a right!

    Was that a group of groan’s I heard from the back row?

    I’ll grab my coat…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Hey, CP…I like the LCDR’s backside better…you gotta give the women equal time there..,,k

  3. The good LCDR is the Shooter, not the LSO.
    LSO’s wear white vests (and are the only folks on the flight deck excused from wearing cranials) and are either squadron or airwing personnel.

    The Shooter is ships company, and often is a P-3 bubba on a disassociated tour.

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