Join the Navy or Pay for a Weekend?

Navy SEAL Camps are gaining in popularity. And for $1,295 you can spend three days at the SEALFIT Warrior Camp ( Or perhaps, spring for the SEALFIT Academy for $4,995?

Mark Divine, a former SEAL and founder of and SEALFIT

Or you could just join the Navy and get paid. . .

5 thoughts on “Join the Navy or Pay for a Weekend?”

  1. Why on earth would any one wish to blow so much money on some thing that is free to one and all?

    The great outdoors offers so much at every level.

    Come over here and spend a week for the same price, you get three square meals a day, accommodation, a very good fitness spec by Sea or Land (per mare per terram).

    Evening history walks, a two day visit to any major City of your choice (including Europe).

    Explore some spectacular castles, as well as fine dine on some of the countries best cuisine.

    You even get to take back with you $750.00 of your own money!

    Yours Aye.

    1. I agree, it is ridiculous. But if they want a beatdown (heck) I am sure I can get some guys to help me out and offer it for $250 a weekend!

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