The 11 Most Important Guns in the Blogosphere

Of Popular Mechanic’s the 11 Most Important Guns in History, the one I most want to shoot is the XM-25. Which may prove that I am a suckah for tech:

The XM-25
 And no, the DeWalt Glock did not make the list. . .

12 thoughts on “The 11 Most Important Guns in the Blogosphere”

  1. A milbro steel catapult is my only choice over here, the ‘nanny’ state want to see them banned too?

    Is there any room over there for a fit, blue eyed, 55 year old Ex Bootneck; house-trained, own hair and teeth, financially independent?

    Yours Aye.

    1. C’mon over, Shipmate! I’ll bet Texas will be proud to host you. One tiny issue, you may have a hard time finding gray (grey?) peas and soggy fish. (Just kidding, just kidding!)

      1. NavyOne I will have you know that the North Sea (east) coastline towns are only a 20 minute drive away, the fishmongers host the finest fresh fish known to man.

        They are cooked in the finest pure beef dripping resulting in a beautiful golden crisp light batter… Our peas are home grown Yorkshire ‘petite pois’; they are as green as my ‘Coveted Green Beret’.

        In actual fact, I have just ordered my ‘fish & chips’ evening meal from the finest Fish & Chip shop in the ancient village of Wetwang, which is a four minute drive away…

        Toodle pip, off to pick up my big eats commando-nosebag’.

        Yours Aye.

  2. Navy One the x-25 really?? Yes it is a grenade launcher and they are cool! But everything on that list changed the world, That is just the latest wiz bang gun. I would have to put on the list a Spencer rifle, as it was one of the first mass produced magazine fed rifle. Any other suggestions to the list???

    Ex- come on over, stay out of Illinois though, they want to take everything away from you as well, especially handguns. But if you visit, i would raise a pint with you!

  3. You know, Ex Bootneck, Navy One keeps pushing Texas and of course, you’d be welcome here…I live near the DFW airport by the way and would be quite willing to host someone of your estimable and infinite caliber…to go along with the blog posting of course…we like visitors here and I’m a former, as you already are aware, retired military ex-resident from the northeastern United States who finds something new to do daily in the open, expansive and great State of Texas….should you decide to come calling, we have extra bedrooms to accommodate you so you needn’t worry about that…and I’m sure there are a few of Navy One’s many customers, bloggers and friends who reside close by should you be so inclined to visit with them…, all is well and it only requires your willingness to hoist a dram or two…that’s me all over after I walk my daily jaunt of at least three miles….take care and come on back, y’all….I learned how to say that when I lived in Georgia….always with a sense of humor….k

  4. Since I own five of the eleven, I’ll ‘settle’ for them. Having played with an XM-25, batteries are gonna be the killer (again)… It’s now to the point that half a soldier’s loadout is going to be batteries to support all the crap they are carrying (and no two batteries are the same)…

    1. Kris: Texas is one sweet state.
      Old NFO: I knew you had a couple, but not that many.
      mark: The rifle does need batteries. Welcome to Buck Rogers!

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