Tom Cruise as a Marine in All You Need Is Kill?

Oh no, here we go again with a Marine uniform. This time our stalwart Marine is no other than Tom Cruise, on location in London, playing character Lt. Col. Bill Cage in the movie All You Need Is Kill:

Tom Cruise as Lt. Col. Bill Cage in All You Need is Kill

Tom, this is very petty, but you better ask the prop department to let those trousers out a half-inch or so. They are starting to look like you fell into a pool. And please floss before you show up on set. Really love Top Gun, Maverick. Don’t screw this one up.

As for the movie, All You Need is Kill:

A soldier fighting in a war with aliens finds himself caught in a time loop of his last day in the battle, though he becomes better skilled along the way.

It sounds like a real oater. . .

11 thoughts on “Tom Cruise as a Marine in All You Need Is Kill?”

  1. Yeah, that’s true; he’s getting boring in his dotage and middle age…sort of the same way I feel about Tom Hanks…their respective political leanings turn me off…Tom Hanks, in particular…he’s a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln….and I suspect quite a disappointment…a neighbor across the street from my mother’s house in Madison was too…I think it was on the Mary Todd side though…k

  2. wow, all the LTCs I ever knew or worked for sat behind a desk of some kind… and sent out others to do the killing and stuff (like Mess Kit Repair). I think I’ll wait for this one to come to TV

  3. “A soldier fighting…” A Marine ain’t a “soldier.” It would seem obvious – that’s why we’re called Marines.

  4. CP: Hey, cover your mouth!
    Kris: He looks especially meandering in this shot.
    CI Roller: Ha ha!
    Struan: Good point. Not that they know the difference.

  5. This is one diminutive ‘celeb’ that makes me groan to the high heavens.

    I absolutely agree with Struan Robertson’s comment, it makes my blood boil when the MSM call Marines ‘soldiers’.

    (The following ‘dit’ comes from an evolution known as ‘Meet the Marines’, in which the Corps Public Relation teams laid on a demonstration for the MSM).

    I was once part of a Commando cliff assault that was being filmed by various news teams. Just as dawn broke we came ashore in rigid raider craft to commence the assault, several grappling lines were fired up and over the cliff edge and secured ready for the climb, each marine fully ladened as would be expected.

    After the climb and the ensuing ‘fire-fight’ with the ‘enemy’, I was steered towards waiting journalists who were well clear of the edge. One scribe asked how long I had been a ‘soldier’ I looked at him and replied that I was not a soldier, I pointed at my shoulder flashes that read; ROYAL MARINES COMMANDO.

    He then nonchalantly said “what’s the difference” I growled back “we have bigger chests and grow thicker moustaches”

    He; “No, I am being serious I would like to know what the difference is”

    Me; “If you need to ask, then you don’t need to know”

    The P.R. man shuffled me away just as I was about to drag the scribe to the cliff edge for a closer look of events as they unfolded below.

    Yours Aye.

    1. You sound like one angry man, Ex Bootneck…but I understand..the differences between a soldier and a Marine even here in the US are wide, vast and varied…so yes, and I can believe your own annoyance…you’re not politically correct; I like that in a man or any human being for that matter….my idea of a critically thinking human ….thank you…k

  6. Gotta sound off here as a former Grunt. If the uniform is any indication of the quality of the movie, ought to be a flop.

    First off, his rank insignias look to be gold covered, which would make him a Major and not a Lt. Colonel.
    Second, whatever his rank, only flag officers and above get scrambled eggs on their covers, same as the Navy. That rank would be a full bird colonel in my beloved USMC.

    The shoes have the shine of a pugs ass on them.

    Trousers are, as mentioned above, out of regulation.

    Last is the nameplate. Looks to be blue plastic, ain’t done that way nowhere, nohow in my beloved Corps. That uniform would have him on the Battalion Commanders carpet standing tall in no time flat.

  7. EB: You could never trust the media to give your guys the respect and position they deserve.
    Kris: Concur.
    SaW: Ah, thanks. You nailed it!

  8. I don’t do Follywood military movies, nor do I like mr c < intensional small caps for a smaller man!

  9. That’s supposed to be a Marine Uniform? I thought he was playing some sort of Brit, with those pants and nametag.

    Here’s something worse…Lee Child’s character, Jack Reacher is 6 ft, 5 inches tall and a “monster.” Described as “ugly” or at least, not handsome.

    Guess who the movies have chosen to play him in the first movie….

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