SEAL Swindles his Shipmates

I have no desire to swindle folks out of money (as a blogger, I’m busy swindling you out of your time.) But even if I did, I would not cheat SEALs. One of them could get ideas. Former SEAL Jason Mullaney was ordered Monday to face trial on 30 felony charges, including grand theft and fraud. He’s pleaded not guilty but remains jailed and faces up to 34 years in state prison if convicted. . .

5 thoughts on “SEAL Swindles his Shipmates”

  1. It would seem, to me, that screwing-over former SEAL team-mates would NOT be a life-extending endeavor, if you know what I mean, and I think that you do…

  2. A long time ago in a city far, far away I got in a pursuit with a young man driving a small pickup. At the end of a long straightaway he failed to see the end of the road rapidly approaching and ran off the street and right into Lake El Estero. By the time I got out he was trying to swim away. In 52 degree water. We surrounded the area and simply waited him out. He eventually came to the bank tired, blue skinned, intoxicated and nearly naked. The vehicle was totaled. Through chattering teeth and a fog of alcohol fumes I was able to get a statement from him.

    Seems he was a soldier stationed at the Defense Language School (DLI). He had “borrowed” the truck from his friend who was currently away on leave and unaware of the “borrowing”. That friend was formerly assigned as a unit sniper and was going back to that position upon completion of his language training.

    I advised him to desert, change his name and take up fervent prayer.

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