Physical Readiness Test

The Navy PRT is our Physical Readiness Test. We take it twice a year, usually in the spring and in the fall. In autumn, it occurs around October or November. Woe be you if your PRT pops right after Thanksgiving, which mine did. Today.

It went well. I will just say outright that I got an Excellent. Not an Outstanding, a score I’ve received in the past. But just not today. For me to get an Outstanding, I have to get a little aggro. And it helps if I don’t have a lot to do right after my test. An hour to recover or so usually works. This time, a meeting was scheduled after our PRT. And I pushed myself, fairly rigorously, just not overboard.

My hardest event was always the sit-reach. It involved sitting down and extending your legs straight in front of you. And then when the test proctor told you, you reached for your toes. For some reason, when I was issued my body, my arms were a half-inch too short and my legs were a half-inch too long. No complaints on anything else, though. Except for my tight hammies. (Which may be the reason my sit-reach is so poor. This is turning into a circular argument!) If you can’t tell by the past-tense, sit-reach is no more. The Navy, in its infinite wisdom, canned it. I really should rejoice.

All in all, a good day pt’ing. Situps, pushups, and a cardio event. (In my case the elliptical trainer. I know. Forgive me.)

You get any good PT in today?

7 thoughts on “Physical Readiness Test”

  1. Twice a day every week day at MCRD; 1-2 hours in the morning & 1 hour after my command lets me go. If only that gym were closer to North Island.

  2. NavyOne

    An elliptical trainer?

    Isn’t that one of those ‘things’ that ladies use to shave their legs? Does the streamlining make you go faster?

    In my day we just went Commando ‘de façon naturelle’

    Just curious…

    Yours Aye
    (waiting for the bite)

  3. No kidding??…I still have to do my treadmill walk today….haven’t quite got to it as yet…I actually like the weather and temperature in the 40s…I don’t sweat so much…I usually wait until Rush Limbaugh is on so I can walk the walk then….I have noticed that my body is tightening up with all the walking and that’s a good thing…I also do some lifting of weights for those arms and potential flabbiness that ensues the older we all get…I noticed it for the first time about six months ago and couldn’t believe the deterioration…arm flab and wings? Unthinkable….so I use weights and they’re starting to look better…k

  4. I hated that when I was in the Air Force. Ours was mostly pushups, situps and running. I’ve forgotten now how many minutes per mile was our goal. Shoot, it’s been forty years.

    I wish I’d continued after I got out. Maybe I wouldn’t have arthritis as bad as I do now. Anyhow, I’m back on a schedule although much difference. Three times a week I walk an indoor track for two miles at a steady 3mph pace. I’ve discovered it’s not the speed that’s important but maintaining the pace. I walked today. Now I’m gobbling a few ibuprofen.

  5. EB: Ah, I just knew I was exposing up my nicely shaven flank to ostracizion with my elliptical trainer confession.
    Kris: I love it, keep it up!
    Crucis: I have heard moderate exercise is a good thing for that malady.

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