Guns, Tactical Stuff, and Brides

If you like guns, tactical stuff, and brides, I URGE (whoops, caps lock got stuck) you to go here. Even if you only resonate with two of the three, you’ll love the picture. Please notice who carries what. . .

5 thoughts on “Guns, Tactical Stuff, and Brides”

  1. Sigh…

    The one thing I really do miss since leaving the Corps; a full range of weapons.

    Tony Blair’s knee *jerk reaction to the Dunblane murders was to strip law biding people of legally held weapons, and allow the ‘ill disposed’ access to what ever they can get their hands on!

    (Blair the champagne socialist; a despised *jerk).

    Even those qualified for England’s Olympic small bore shooting team have to go abroad to practice?

    Yours Aye.

  2. I do have a partiality to the photo, Navy One…thanks…something to aspire to ….and to you EB, I didn’t think Britain had that right to bear arms exactly right…champagne liberal…I’ve heard Mr. Blair called many things and I think that was one of them, as I remember….such a shame; and on self-defense too…. k

  3. EB: England’s Olympic shooting team is forced to go abroad? Amazing.
    Kris: I know, it’s great.
    mark: Down boy!
    Lou: RGR, good gouge.

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