Flipping for Army Lieutenants

U.S. Army 2LT Jalyessa Walker

I know the Army makes its junior officers jump through a lot of hoops, but this is a new Guinness World record.

U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Jalyessa Walker did 49 backflips  at the Sun Bowl during halftime of the UTEP-Rice football.

She broke the record set last month by a 16-year-old Texas high school cheerleader named Miranda Ferguson.

And the amazing thing, the former University of Texas at El Paso cheerleader could have kept going, but she ran out of room.

7 thoughts on “Flipping for Army Lieutenants”

  1. That is all well and good…


    Could she take on the world ‘egg and spoon’ race champion, a native New Yorker by the name of Ashrita Furman, who is also the holder of numerous world records.

    Keep looking over your shoulder 2nd Lt. Jalyessa Walker, and enjoy it while it lasts…


    Yours Aye.

    1. I don’t know about you, Brennan, I think even as a woman, I’d rather see a former Texas cheerleader do backflips than a guy named Ashrita do anything…it must have something to do with the name and his channeling of a mystic that makes me look askance at such unusual achievements as his claim to fame…k

  2. CP: Ha ha, good point. Go Navy!
    97E: I will ignore that comment. Army-Navy in ten days.
    Lou: They are!
    Kris: Don’t forget, a lot of good players come of the Golden State!
    EB: Ashrita Furman? Sounds like an interesting dude. Each to his own.

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