Angus T. Jones Says His Peace

Angus Jones, Two & a 1/2 Men

You being the savvy, webby reader that you are have probably already read this story of Angus T. Jones, the nineteen year old kid from Two and a Half Men. The video was put out by the  Forerunner Christian Church and in it, he finds great fault with his show. He even advises against watching it.

I applaud the man, he is no kid. And for him to turn his back on his paycheck for reasons of morality is rare in today’s society. Of course, I read a partial correction Angus put out today. But still, go to the first link. As for the show, it is terrible. I know of no one who watches it. It is oddly popular in ratings.

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  1. If he has truly converted, then more power to him. But I have my doubts when it comes to funny named churches and young celebrities. Are they taking him for his money by brainwashing him (okay, all religions operate on brain washing). I wish him luck. I did watch the show years ago, but it got old. Same old jokes and sight gags.

    1. I have no idea his real intentions. But I still applaud the man for standing up. He should not have issued a retraction, partial or otherwise.

  2. I may have watched a few trailers for this program (waiting for ‘grown-up’ TV to start), it did not appeal to me so I voted with my control button.

    (Besides which I had not intention of supporting Charlie Sheen’s habit by contributing to the viewing figures).

    If he feels so strong about his convictions perhaps he would like to contribute his savings generated from the show to ‘his church’?

    The decent thing to do would have been to leave the show, and then give his interviews.

    Seems to me he has just shot himself in the foot, bigger ‘stars’ with far advanced careers are now starving in the dog eat dog world of make believe Hollywood.

    When the clip appeared on the news over here, his Pastor looked quite serene and content… $ “KERCHING” $

    Yours Aye.

  3. I have a feeling this is in line with the politically correct view of things in today’s America…he is shooting himself in the foot by explaining himself…perhaps he intends to continue in his church without the further impediment of being associated with the program…who knows…take a good look at him…he’s not one of Hollywood’s ‘beautiful’ people (and I’m not being critical)…just realistic…he looks like a ‘nerd’ who has come to the realization he cannot complete in the arena of the plastic reality of Hollywood celebrity….so he’s making a practical decision….hope he knows how to live with it….k

    1. Kristen

      I notice in todays news papers that he has issued an apology to the hand that feeds him, as well as to those who have nurtured him along with his career, at $350.000 an episode he needed to wise up pretty quickly…

      Bring back National Service for one and all, it is a great measuring rod for all of the youth of today.

      Show the same youngsters what a real hero is about; not some 18 year old canadian kid (whose name I cannot bear to type out) prancing around a stage holding his ‘goolies’.

      Arghhh, pass the mind bleach.

      Yours Aye.

      1. As to that Ex Bootneck….the young man suddenly realizing which side his bread buttered, I don’t know…he was roundly ripped up one side and down the other by another young celebrity today…and I’m not even sure why he did this…perhaps with the prompting of his pastor….another self-satisified customer….I have to wonder where his parents are in all of this?? Did they lead him into this life of celebrity, offered a ton of money because as a young boy he had the look they on this program had a look they wanted? And where did he find God and this pastor? It’s beyond my ability to imagine much further…k

  4. The show is smut, and I think it is good that the young man said so. But the article I read implied that he did not seem to want to do the show, but was some how compelled to do so – probably with lots of money. It made him look a bit wishy-washy.

  5. EB: That Canadian lad is forbidden from being mentioned on this blog.
    Kris: I would hope he is sincere.
    Lou: True. And then he took back, partially, what he said.

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