A Senior Engineer at Shenyang Aircraft Corp Dies

I think it somewhat odd that Luo Yuan, a senior engineer of Shenyang Aircraft Corp (which oversaw the aircraft carrier program), died shortly after the first carrier landing.

4 thoughts on “A Senior Engineer at Shenyang Aircraft Corp Dies”

  1. That would be unusual, I’d say….the secrets to the grave part….a lot of what China has has been ‘back’ engineered and stolen from the West….there’s something missing though when they do that….it isn’t insightful, clear or even intelligent to be capable of such an occupation…far from it…there’s a certain pedantic sameness to such discoveries and it deprives those who engage in it, small comfort for actually finding a way to steal from others….I don’t believe any of these people derive satisfaction from this sort of work….at least when you think about it…k

  2. CP: Easy on the sympathy!
    EB: Perhaps, although we will never know.
    Kris: There is a lack of imagination. But it may not be always so.

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