The Queen Meets a Machine Gun

Queen Elizabeth II looks at a machine gun as she meets members of the Household Cavalry at Combermere Barracks on Sunday in Windsor, England.

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  1. Just an observation: the Queen is looking more like her mother every day…and the Queen Mother was quite a scrappy woman and a fighter in her day….Elizabeth is from a family who understands the royal responsibility to the British people and has never failed in that…and I mean why wouldn’t they be?? Queen Elizabeth (both mother & daughter were named Elizabeth) and her husband were the King & Queen during WWII, during the London Blitz and the very hard times that ensued because of war with Germany…there were other issues involved as well…most European royalty is related to each other and British royalty is related to German royalty…and none of this was easy back then…I think the only thing I’m saying is the English love their royalty and are proud of them and honored to be part of that family…I got that while I was there….k

      1. What I think Navy One…here in America we don’t have a royalty per se…and I believe most Americans almost have a regret we don’t…celebrities and politicians, you know are the substitutes for such a concept….I think we’re a little envious of the Brits because of that…why all the fascination of the American public when Diana married Charles? She was minor aristocracy and more properly viewed as ‘of the people’….nothing like a little ‘class’ envy, is there???….k

  2. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is irreplaceable and unique.

    As The ‘Princess Elizabeth’ she joined the Woman’s Auxiliary Territorial Service and underwent training without any ‘perks’ or assistance. She trained and worked as a mechanic & truck driver, very often in hazardous conditions around London as the ‘Blitz’ went on.

    The Royal Family do have ‘hangers on’ around the periphery, but the vast majority in this country lover her, and those close to her, to pieces.

    We even have ‘certain’ parts of the Muslim community who feel the same way.

    Yours Aye.
    (Tugging his forelock in respect to HRH)

    1. These are another Islamic sect who as one of the hundreds who doesn’t believe in the murders and killing of infidels and Jews…like the Bahai’i for instance who were an offshoot of Islam over a hundred years ago…they are murdered routinely as apostates…just an FYI….k

  3. Kris: I guess celebrities are our royalty. But a poor substitution.
    EB: Great link on the young Queen and the Ahmadis. Please, also, go easy on your forelock. Too much tugging on it is bad for your health. (Heading over to google to figure out what a forelock really is!)

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