Michael Ayoade Brutalizes Tasneem Kabir

Michael Ayoade attacked a tiny girl named Tasneem Kabir in a brazan daylight beat-down that left the sixteen year old unconscious in the street. When questioned by the police, he said: she didn’t have a friendly face, he was intimidated by her, and she made me feel like a pauper with her facial gestures. He also added: he couldn’t cope with ‘taking an insult from a little person like that. If you want to get good and mad, watch the video of the attack. There are no excuses for such barbarism. Send him back to Nigeria. See how that works out for him.

8 thoughts on “Michael Ayoade Brutalizes Tasneem Kabir”

  1. The video of the assault is sickening to watch. Unfortunately there were no witnesses or bystanders around to assist the poor unfortunate girl.

    His excuse is that he is a heavy user of Marijuana, which makes him paranoid, and that he comes from a broken home making him socially unnaceptable?

    He will be sentenced shortly, lets hope they deport him back ‘from whence he came’!

    Utter scum.

    Yours Aye.

      1. Nothing will happen that makes him think twice of doing this again. The British support blacks and Africans more then British born Muslims, that is a fact. TAs far as whites are concerned blacks are similar to them, but Muslims are below them, and therefore his excuses will justify his behavior and let him off the hook. Where are the Muslim people supporting Tasneem? where are the Muslim boys? let me guess fighting between themselves. There is no unity within Muslims. And non-muslims know this hence take advantage and see Muslims espeacially Muslim Women as easy Targets!

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