Trashing Bin Laden

Is it important that the naval burial of Osama Bin Laden on the USS Carl Vinson was done according to Islamic traditions? I see both sides of the argument, but am tiring of seeing the according to Islamic tradition in every article on the subject.

In a semi-related point, when I was stationed in Bahrain, I lived around the corner from Coffee Bean. I used to go there after work to unwind and grab a cup of tea. They labeled their garbage can: Trash Bin. And I thought how easy it would be to add a Laden after the Bin. I did not, of course. I am a law-abiding Sailor, with a nagging, constant worry hovering over me about both the brig and jail. Hence, no action. Should you be stationed out in pleasant 5th Fleet, resist the temptation. . .

5 thoughts on “Trashing Bin Laden”

  1. I don’t give a holey hell about islamic tradition when it come to as ass-wipe like him. I would have run him through a garbage grinder before ‘burring’ him at sea. Makes for easier eating for the fish. It’s a green thing.

  2. Geez, I have to wonder what sort of Islamic tradition allows burial at sea?? That must be from the tradition of pirates of three hundred years ago? I wonder what they did then? Say a few words and throw them in the water…they were a bunch of camel-riding barbarians fourteen hundred years ago and no different just over two hundred years ago when they would stop and pirate American vessels, enslaving anyone weak enough to cross their path…what tradition or custom is that?? They haven’t changed at all…so what a crock….k

  3. I’m with Coffeypot on this one. It is a shame that we as a nation are more concerned about Islamic tradition than about American tradition.

  4. It’s a shame U.S. Sailors weren’t allowed to witness the payoff for all the years of sacrifice in the pursuit of Bin Laden.

    Sadder still that we have to get information regarding this from a foreign news source.

  5. CP: Good idea. In some sort of giant blender.
    Kris: True, I doubt their is any tradition. But their is now.
    CTT: Concur. We need to be Americans.
    Rick: Someone made the decision to not share the data. Sad.

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