Fun Run, Son

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  1. Just a small ‘pick up point’ if I may.

    What type of person looks at his pace watch when it’s a ‘fun run’ (chap just right of the red bollard), he must be a tech type?

    I have a good friend that used to buy all of the gadgets and gizmos for timing himself, (measuring heart beats, judging distance, measuring radiation, forecasting horoscopes, etc) just the sort of thing I never ever wanted to know about on a long run!

    He was forever buying the latest ‘in vogue’ shorts and vests with ‘go faster stripes’ (I won’t speak of the ‘specialist’ running shoes at over £150 a pop; frequently purchased)!

    It used to really hack him off when we running together as I would keep asking him the time every few minutes; and he would answer me exasperated, which set me off in a fit of laughter. We would always race sprint the last 200 metres of every run and I would insist on asking him the time as he went through the burning lung barrier, unbelievably he would tell me through rasping gasps…

    The same good mate now owns a ‘gastro’ pub and couldn’t run a bath (due to the perks of ‘sampling’ his own fare). I met him for a coffee yesterday and reminded him of his gadget/gizmo days, which again set me off in a fit of laughter… The only time he calls now is at 23:30 when he rings the bell and shouts “last orders at the bar please”.

    Yours Aye.

    Speaking of which, it’s time for my evening glass of red and a nosebag…

    • Just exactly what is a nosebag? I thought the expression was feedbag…is that something like a knosh?? Or is it spelled nosh?.? I don’t believe I ever heard that while I was living there….it’s curiosity or stupidity, one or the other….k

      • EB: Ha ha, I run in ten year old sweats. But I do have a GPS watch and some gear. I’ve gone through 35 straight pairs of ASICS running shoes which I try to find at $69. I buy last year’s model.
        Kris: Good question. A NB, though, is better than some other kind of bags. Like a DB.

      • Kristen

        The term ‘nosebag’ refers to eating a meal, a ‘quick nosebag’ is a snack. A nosebag is what a working horse would receive when it was away from a field. It was a long canvas bag that was normally filled with oats.

        The Royal Marines have a long list of slang words gathered since 1664, some terms of are used by the Royal Navy.

        The following term sheet for your edification, which is not a complete list.

  2. Our country neighborhood put on a 5K fun run – Run Turkey Run – Thanksgiving morning. It was complete with metals for the finishers made by a blacksmith with a turkey foot stamp on them. My family cleaned up on the prizes. My nephews came in first and my husband and I finished last dragging the grand-baby with us. Photos will be posted soon.

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