Fun Run, Son

Members of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group participate in a 5K Thanksgiving fun run aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima, Nov. 22, 2012. The fun run is part of the Thanksgiving celebration coordinated by the ships Moral, Recreation and Welfare program for the Marines and Sailors. The 24th MEU is deployed with the Iwo Jima ARG and is currently in the 6th Fleet area of responsibility. Since deploying in March, they have supported a variety of missions in the U.S. Central, Africa and European Commands, assisted the Navy in safeguarding sea lanes, and conducted various bilateral and unilateral training events in several countries in the Middle East and Africa.

6 thoughts on “Fun Run, Son”

  1. Just a small ‘pick up point’ if I may.

    What type of person looks at his pace watch when it’s a ‘fun run’ (chap just right of the red bollard), he must be a tech type?

    I have a good friend that used to buy all of the gadgets and gizmos for timing himself, (measuring heart beats, judging distance, measuring radiation, forecasting horoscopes, etc) just the sort of thing I never ever wanted to know about on a long run!

    He was forever buying the latest ‘in vogue’ shorts and vests with ‘go faster stripes’ (I won’t speak of the ‘specialist’ running shoes at over £150 a pop; frequently purchased)!

    It used to really hack him off when we running together as I would keep asking him the time every few minutes; and he would answer me exasperated, which set me off in a fit of laughter. We would always race sprint the last 200 metres of every run and I would insist on asking him the time as he went through the burning lung barrier, unbelievably he would tell me through rasping gasps…

    The same good mate now owns a ‘gastro’ pub and couldn’t run a bath (due to the perks of ‘sampling’ his own fare). I met him for a coffee yesterday and reminded him of his gadget/gizmo days, which again set me off in a fit of laughter… The only time he calls now is at 23:30 when he rings the bell and shouts “last orders at the bar please”.

    Yours Aye.

    Speaking of which, it’s time for my evening glass of red and a nosebag…

    1. Just exactly what is a nosebag? I thought the expression was feedbag…is that something like a knosh?? Or is it spelled nosh?.? I don’t believe I ever heard that while I was living there….it’s curiosity or stupidity, one or the other….k

      1. EB: Ha ha, I run in ten year old sweats. But I do have a GPS watch and some gear. I’ve gone through 35 straight pairs of ASICS running shoes which I try to find at $69. I buy last year’s model.
        Kris: Good question. A NB, though, is better than some other kind of bags. Like a DB.

      2. Kristen

        The term ‘nosebag’ refers to eating a meal, a ‘quick nosebag’ is a snack. A nosebag is what a working horse would receive when it was away from a field. It was a long canvas bag that was normally filled with oats.

        The Royal Marines have a long list of slang words gathered since 1664, some terms of are used by the Royal Navy.

        The following term sheet for your edification, which is not a complete list.

  2. Our country neighborhood put on a 5K fun run – Run Turkey Run – Thanksgiving morning. It was complete with metals for the finishers made by a blacksmith with a turkey foot stamp on them. My family cleaned up on the prizes. My nephews came in first and my husband and I finished last dragging the grand-baby with us. Photos will be posted soon.

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