Abu Baraa’s Fatwa Against Malala

I am not surprised that Abu Baraa, a senior member of Shariah4Pakistan, spoke of a fatwa against Malala Yousufzai: There will be a fatwa issued regarding Malala Yousufzai taking into account the full story of her injury including her public statements in support of the occupying U.S. army in the region and mocking of key symbols of Islam such as hijab and jihad. I am curious what his very famous brother, Y Baraa, had to say about the matter.

2 thoughts on “Abu Baraa’s Fatwa Against Malala”

  1. Methinks the Islamic fanatics over here have made a ‘boo-boo’ of this one.

    The tide is turning slowly against them here, when it comes in it will be so fast that there will be many of them drowned! (Some one better get in touch with the ‘vestal virgin’ mail order company and rustle up a vast order PDQ)…

    The United Kingdom Independence Party and Nigel Farage are quickly taking up the third party slot, much to the shock & surprise of the Liberal Democrats.

    Yours Aye.

  2. Geez, (expletive) Ex Bootneck, I do hope your on-the-fly assessment is correct….these are really nasty customers who deserve the boot if you know what I mean….and there are more people becoming aware of the nastiness of Islam and Muslims in general here in our neck of the woods as well….hopefully this will turn the tide before the American people have to get really nasty about it….it’s not Islamaphobia if it’s true; it’s anti-Islamic Fascist….Bare Naked Islam and Bonni….check it out….k

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