Woman Rides Manatee?

Even if I did not know that riding manatees was illegal, I would steer clear of the massive beasts. They may be peaceful, but weighing close to a ton, I would not trust them. Ana Gloria Garcia-Gutierrez had no such qualms. She was recently arrested for riding one around the beach. That takes guts or stupidity. . .

6 thoughts on “Woman Rides Manatee?”

  1. Stupid thing to do; but, I really do not see what it would achieve by placing her in prison at the tax payers expense.

    Fine her the maximum allowed for such committing such an offence, and put her to work on a community program associated with the Manatee Sanctuary. Her story will have at least highlighted the fact that an ‘act’ protects the Manatee (even over here we are aware of such an act protecting the species).

    “Common sense is not so common”

    Yours Aye.

  2. Interesting anecdote I have about manatees…not the real ones of course, but something of a portland cement recreation of one; one of our local neighbors in St. Marys, GA where Kings Bay Submarine Base is located had a mailbox that had the appearance of a full grown manatee…and as eccentric or unusual as it was weighed in the neighborhood of a few thousand pounds…it was huge and stood out as a local landmark close to the entrance of Cumberland Park in its way to Cumberland Island..that would be where JFK Jr. and Caroline married in that very small church on the island…I worked there for a brief time as a guide…anyway, while I sojourned there or should I say found myself in the wilderness, someone very brave or in my view, stupid stole the manatee mailbox from those to whom it belonged and took off with it one very dark night….it raised quite a to-do actually…most of us couldn’t understand why anyone would try and lift something that weighed so much and how in the God’s Name did they do it? Well, it took a few weeks but finally the infamous mailbox was found in Virginia Beach, I believe….it’s purely speculative as to which sailors stole it…and I’m just inserting that as a possibility….only a sailor would dream up such a prank and not think about getting caught….but they did and got away with it for at least a short time….k

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