Submarine Astronaut

In this Aussie article on Able Seaman Marine Technician Winston Gavriel, I love how the newspaper writer compares submarining to another profession: Submariners are astronauts of the deep. I like that, Captain Nemo was an astronaut!

2 thoughts on “Submarine Astronaut”

  1. I know I have had a little dig at ‘sun-dodgers’ in the past; in reality I have the greatest respect for them, as well as the work they do.


    Why on earth would a sun-dodger be rigged in a ‘disruptive pattern material’ uniform?

    They could wear ‘hot pants & boxing gloves’ down there and no one would know?

    Just a muse..

    Yours Aye.

    1. Sun-dodgers, another great term. They could very well be wearing all sorts of non-reg uniforms down there, under the sea. My experience with them, in my field, is that they are very well trained.

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