Mohammed Morsi, President of Gyp-land

How many secret servicemen does Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi need to protect him? I count at least ten men’s warehouse-clad agents below.

I like the massive doves on the banner too. Nice touch, very peaceful. The giant head of Morsi? Also very professional. Although it almost looks like they slipped some subliminal writing in on big-man Morsi’s mustache. You will obey Mohammed. You will do everything he says. You are getting very sleepy:

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi speaks to supporters outside the Presidential palace in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. Opponents and supporters of Mohammed Morsi clashed across Egypt on Friday, the day after the president granted himself sweeping new powers that critics fear can allow him to be a virtual dictator.

For years, I had problems spelling Egypt. I finally stumbled on a useful mnemonic device for the proper spelling. Just think gyp when trying to spell the country’s name. Not that I’m saying anything about Egpyt. I mean Eypgt. Er, Eygpt. . . Ah, Egypt. Right. Egypt, gypland.

7 thoughts on “Mohammed Morsi, President of Gyp-land”

  1. Might I add a comment, Navy One??…how in all that you hold dear, do you have the nerve to tell us here you have trouble spelling Egypt, how is that possible???? You’re a linguist; you should be ashamed of yourself….and you can read, write and speak Arabic going from right to left and you can’t spell Egypt?? Do you understand how that makes no sense at all??? I mean really, nerd city…?? I don’t believe you…I think you’re just pulling our collective chain…..k

  2. I would like to spell the place, as well as all the other Muslim countries, “GLOWING IN THE DARK WHERE NOTHING WILL GROW FOR A THOUSAND YEARS.”

  3. Kris: No joke! I can not, for the life of me, spell Egypt. Now that I have my trick, I can spell it. I goof around, but on my navy career, this is not one of those times.
    CP: We know where you stand!

  4. The British Desert Army from WWII referred to theses wiry oriental gentlemen as ‘gypos’ [jip-ose], a word quite simply taken from the breakdown of E’gyp’t.

    Again, I digress.

    Morsi & the ‘Moslem Brotherhood’ are now feeling the effect of ‘people power’ as a political civil war turns once again to revolution. Morsi assumed the powers of a Pharaoh, the result of which has tens of thousands of people back on the streets rioting against the Muslim Brotherhood, directly attacking their offices of power. This time there will be no interference behind the scenes from Western powers.

    Morsi is using self imposed dictatorial powers with decrees that make him immune to judicial oversight, thus empowering himself and the Muslim Brotherhood with the authority to take any steps against ‘threats to the revolution’. He has taken a grave liberty far too early from his political seat.
    (Mubarek was a well-established Pharaoh who was thrown out with relative ease; his ‘very’ wealthy supporters have simply bided their time, which appears to be now).

    The Muslim Brotherhood was marginalizing Egyptian Christians; it would now appear that Christmas has come early for them!

    ديمقراطية (Demacrocy, Dimocracy), [Democracy] is a very difficult word to grasp within the Arab muslim world!

    Yours Aye.

  5. Well, you know, Ex Bootneck when you maintain a ‘religious’ philosophy that is in reality a ‘cult of death’, not to mention a lot of other things to include a political, philosophical, militaristic and cultural ideology and not as advertised, ‘religion of peace’, you really have a big problem…truth in advertising….fourteen hundred years of lying, deception and dissimulating….and what do you really get for all your troubles.?? People end up knowing who you really are….and gird their loins so to speak….another philosophical conundrum….and evil personified…..k

  6. EB: Gypos? Interesting. And democracy should have an edge to it, however slight. As a warning against this sort of behavior. It’ll be interesting to see if Morsi can weather this eruption.
    Kris: Please, there will be only minor girding of your loins on this site. We try to be family-friendly here.

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