Meet Dai Mingmeng, China’s Jet Jock

The dragon of the east, China, has started carrier flight operations off the Liaoning. And flying the Su-33 clone, the J-15, was pilot Dai Mingmeng:

Aircraft carrier Liaoning’s first pilot, Dai Mingmeng.

Congrats Dai. That is an accomplishment. Now fly 1000 more. . .

10 thoughts on “Meet Dai Mingmeng, China’s Jet Jock”

  1. They are absolutely years behind the carrier curve…

    But could you imagine being on board for a three month deployment with all of that ‘chinese’ food!

    (I once deployed on a French carrier for three days, the fries were ok, but the rest of the food was deemed a punishment).

    I also crossed decked to the USS Guam in the Mediterranean (part of a RM fighting company). The food was top notch and plentiful, but what happened to the entitlement of ‘two cans per man per day’ when deployed at sea? As a young marine I had no idea that dry ships existed!

    Yours Aye.

  2. And we in the US Navy never heard otherwise…while stationed in Panama, an ‘A’ Branch friend of mine (that’s an administrative type) was invited onboard a British vessel going through the Canal Zone….I was beside myself with envy; I had to work that particular Sunday…the ship had saved their daily rations for just such an occasion…and Helen, my friend was totally wasted after that sixteen hour excursion into liquor sharing….k

  3. EB: I love Chinese food. Then again, I love most everything. Even French food does not scare me. My cubicle mates at work raise their collective eyebrows when I try to get them to eat something more exotic. . .
    Kris: CTAs! Love them. Great Americans. They are gone, as you may know. To be replaced by YNs. Some good, some not. As for Helen, was she the one who launched a 1000 ships?

    1. You require the constitution of an ox to spend time on an Indian warship… heartburn is an absolute guarantee!

    2. Could have been for all I know; I still don’t know what happened to her after we both departed Panama…oh scratch that…I recall she went to Great Lakes as Recruit Trainer…but after that, I couldn’t tell you…she really loved the Nav too…probably made Chief…and that was the goal, of course….she was from Indianapolis …a great human being….k

  4. Kristen

    Imagine my horror when I joined the Chiefs mess; several beer’s on tap as well as an optical top shelf that would shame an irish bar; 50 pence a pint, and 40 pence a two finger shot… a packet of salted peanuts cost twice as much as a pint!

    It was a known fact that Chiefs could be trusted to act sensibly (and pigs could fly).

    We had some great nights entertaining dignitaries & locals on foreign visits, especially when we were expected to assist the wardroom with their ‘over spill’ cocktail parties.

    The best times were had in the US (leaning back and swinging the lamp now)…

  5. Well, China is genius NOT to build an aircraft carrier from scratch, but instead got a LATER GENERATION Soviet-era aircraft carrier to study from and save at least USD50 BILLION in R&D.

    Also note that the Liaoning is considerable smaller than the flagship aircraft carriers of the US Navy, making them significantly more challenging to land on! They were DEAD-ON.

    Now they’ll have to do the same flight-deck preparations, take-off and landing procedures in higher winds and rougher seas!

    1. Let’s grade Dai’s first arrested landing on the Liaoning! We all graded his landing while we first watched the video. It’s time to give him an honest grade in public.

  6. Congratulations, Xiao Dai! Sure land hundreds of times every year, let the younger ones taste your secret sauce and talk to Lao Luo’s fellow designers, Chendu’s and Xian’s. If time permits, even someone from Shanghai about his maglev catapult. But the most important thing is your health. Live for a long time, your are our treasure! You might find robotics interesting while you are not busy. Thanks a billion plus from the bottom of our hearts! Wish you, Xiao Dai, the best health!

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