Jihad in Connecticut Real Estate

Jihad is a rarely used word in relation to real estate. But in quiet Connecticut, jihad is in the news. Literally:

A Trumbull Realtor has been charged with stealing a competitor’s “for sale” signs from the front lawns of area homes.

Police say 54-year-old Robert Toth of Shelton, owner of American Home Realty in Trumbull, was charged Wednesday with third-degree larceny and first-degree criminal trespass.

Police say Jihad Shaheer, the owner of U.S. Asset Realty in Stratford, complained in September that his signs had been stolen from more than a half-dozen sites in Bridgeport and from in front of two homes in Stratford.

 I would avoid messing with some guy named Jihad. They can be touchy. Or so I’ve heard.

3 thoughts on “Jihad in Connecticut Real Estate”

  1. Bury a pig on the property. I read today that some people in Texas are getting pigs and burying them on property that Muslims are considering building mosques. Reasoning being, a mosque can’t be built on land soiled my pigs. It might work here, too.

  2. That’s an interesting concept…I always thought a good idea would be to wrap everything in bacon…and that’ll keep them away too…bacon is one of my favorite things; if thisI can turn off a Muslim so easily, I’d go for it….they’re offended by so little, it seems a safe and guaranteed answer with a predictable result….hey….why not???…I heard something oh I don’t know about four or five months ago in the news about a tractor trailer full of pork products and bacon that had an accident near a prospective mosque site…all these easily offended Muslims were up in arms over something they felt had been done on purpose when in fact it had been an accident….my advice …take an interest in your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and become good at it….k

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