Crapi Apartments in West Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a charm all its own. Very often the weather is the same outdoors as it is in. You go outside and it is room temperature. Which is pleasant because you forget all about weather. This may add to the tendency to forgot other things too. Like naming apartment buildings properly:

Diane Cockerill, Crapi Apartments, Overland Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA

Great picture (if it is not a photoshop), but it’s got nothing on Reddit user AlphaF who punked her mom at the Grand Canyon. With a massive prank. . .

5 thoughts on “Crapi Apartments in West Los Angeles”

  1. Has anything changed in Hollywood. Much of it looked the same last year as it did in the 60’s. In other words, most of those apartments are crappie by today’s standards.

  2. When I worked as an iron fighter prior to joining up, at one stage I was supervised by a senior guy who was called Richard Head, (whose nick name was Dick). Obviously the connotation around the names had not really been an issue when he was christened.

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    I once bought a solid mahogany desk from him (at a knock down price) one late saturday afternoon. It was summer and he wanted to be away to the local pub to ‘tickle his tonsils’ with amber nectar. The desk originally belonged to the ‘Chief Clerk’ of HM Dockyard, Devonport (Circa 1900). It was a four man lift just to get it into his van!'ard%2C%20antiques%20devon&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&ved=0CFYQFjAE&

    Yours Aye.

    1. Well, you know, Ex Bootneck when a tiny baby is christened, parents rarely think ahead to the future and possible nicknames that may be applied to their tiny little morsel of humanity that they just contributed to the cycle of life…although I do have to believe there are some people who are perverse enough and think these things out ahead of time…

      Speaking of antiques, at least the New England variety, they remain as prevalent as those you speak of where you are located….although you can’t go anywhere without tripping over two hundred year old houses and furniture of approximately a similar age……my Mom left me quite a few pieces of antiquity herself…three Civil War rifles originally flintlock made in a foundry in Middletown, CT…many people visit and admire them…I’ve also got a boatload of furniture (mostly tables) ..a Queen Anne card table one antique dealer offered her a small fortune for thirty or more years ago..I didn’t think much about it, but she did advise me to hold onto it…so it’s here…along with other things I treasure because they were hers…have a good day or evening….and by now you’re likely snoozing…take care…k

  3. Old NFO: Give her time!
    CP: Hollywood is a dump.
    EB: I am glad these good gentlemen did not live up to their names. I’ll bet that desk is a real prize. . .

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