Leftovers from the Feast

Hopefully, your Thanksgiving meal was delicious and you have plenty of leftovers:

A Cowasaki or Thanksgiving leftovers?

As for me, on this Thanksgiving, I am blessed to serve in the World’s Finest Navy and rarely a day goes by when I don’t relish the good fortune and challenge of my job. And the opportunity to serve with the great Americans I call Shipmates. May God continue to bless our country and all our allies. If you are the gentleman above, speeding by on a Cowasaki moped, go easy on the throttle. You don’t want to ground the beef before it gets home.

6 thoughts on “Leftovers from the Feast”

  1. Is that how they haul cattle in the city?

    Reminds me of the Thanksgiving that we loaded up all the city cousins in the back of the truck to give them the ranch tour. As we drove out across the pasture, we saw a heifer who had bloated. Stopping the truck, my son and husband and I ran to the heifer and tried to save her (you actually have to stab the animal to release the bloat, which we did) but she died anyway – right there in front of the cousins. Not to be wasteful, my husband took the heifer back to the house and strung it up to butcher it – in front of the city cousins. The next week my brother (hippie, liberal, lawyer from Austin) called to say that he had won “the what did you do over Thanksgiving” award at the office. No one else had butchered a cow.

  2. Kris: I try!
    Lou: I butchered a cow for Thanksgiving! (I’ll bet they loved that in Austin.)
    Crucis: No problem. I liked your post; it was well-thought out. . .

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