Happy Thanksgiving!

Wherever you might be, whoever you might be with, whatever you might be eating, please have a Happy Thanksgiving:

Family members of sailors assigned to the aircraft carrier George Washington greet the ship as it returns to Fleet Activities, Yokosuka, Japan, on Tuesday.

And to our enemies: You, too, have a nice Thanksgiving. Hopefully, you will be able to give thanks for your fondest wish soon. . .

11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Well, from those who actually know, Islam remains a cult of death….not of life or thanksgiving…we can all be thankful for that…God bless, Navy One…I’d rather be where I am than where they are…a little slice of Heaven….k

  2. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with someone special, if not your shipmates. Just know we are thankful for you and all those who are serving in any capacity and location that keeps us safe so we can enjoy our Thanksgiving in safety. And I hope we can arrange the meeting of Allah and those crazy fuc…uh…people as soon as possible.

  3. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. After a beautiful day yesterday, the wind is howling here in OK – as if to blow away the leftovers.

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