Hang Around Mohammed

Mumbai terrorist

In the Indian city of Pune, Mohammed Ajmal Kasab (one of the Mumbai terrorists) was hanged* in a small cell. After which the Taliban spokesman, Ihsanullah Ihsan, said: It is a loss and an outrage that a Muslim was killed on Indian soil. No, Ihsanullah, it is not an outrage. It is a good thing. Your boy Mohammed was an animal. And you know what happens to animals when they turn on humans. That’s right. We put ’em down.

* I’ve read that this is the correct grammar. Still, it reads as slightly off.

5 thoughts on “Hang Around Mohammed”

  1. Wow, that Taliban had a weak stomach/belief in the whole Jihad nonsense. Don’t they usually relish at hearing news of how one of their buddies have gotten his 72 computer geeks (says nothing about the gender of the virgins)?

      1. “We shall enter Heaven by dying for our holy cause in Jihad! OMG, Ajmal got killed? As in dead, not injured? Shit, I’m out of here, dying seems to be sort of dangerous!”

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