Got Drunken Sailors? Reroute Them

I am a little suspicious of a New York Times article titled: Got Drunken Sailors? Reroute Them. But a lot of the piece focuses on the late 90s. The late 1890s. And we all know that these days we have the new Navy. No need to reroute our guys anymore, Brooklyn.

5 thoughts on “Got Drunken Sailors? Reroute Them”

  1. Hey hey up she rises
    Earl aye in the morning.
    Shave his belly with a rusty razor, etc.
    Though I never had my belly shaved, I did have to strip to my skivvies on a few occasions.
    I had to strip because I had gorilla shit thrown on me from the San Diego Zoo.
    I fell overboard of the liberty boat into Hong Hong Harbor trying to drunkenly board my ship.
    And I fell into a bingo-ditch (I guess thats how you spell it) in Yokosuka trying to drunkenly get into a cab.
    What do you do with a drunken sailor…well, from past experience I would say you strip him down and chew his ass from hell to high water and put him mess cooking for a month and make jokes of him for the rest of his Navy tour. But it was worth it.
    And I never saw a cesspool of debauchery in San Diego or Long Beach or any other Navy port across the world. Just some great bars and overly lit tattoo parlors. The author was just anti Navy.

    1. Ha ha, love these! Falling overboard the lib boat. I understand. Those waves are rocky out there. I’ve almost slipped too, dead sober

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