USS Lincoln Goes to the Lincoln Memorial

Religious Programs Specialist 1st Class Marco Mirador, assigned to the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, visits the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. The Abraham Lincoln’s religious ministries department personnel visited the capital as part of a re-enlistment ceremony for Chief Religious Programs Specialist Elliot Warley

4 thoughts on “USS Lincoln Goes to the Lincoln Memorial”

  1. I had no idea what a ‘Religious Programs Specialist’ was or what the job entailed (just had to Google it to educate myself).

    Within a RM Commando Unit we would refer to the role as ‘the Padre’s Yeomen’ of which a ‘3 badge marine’ would be appointed for the last two years of his 22 years reckon-able service.

    Live & learn…

    Yours Aye.

    1. There are few problems with this particular rate in my view…Islam is considered a marketable faith (as in viable and legitimately a religion according to the multicultural and politically correct crowd) and in that regard is considered and touted as such within the US military…this rate also includes those who are Muslim, I pretty much can attest to or at least assume…unfortunately, I might add…this is where problems have developed over the course of the last dozen or so years…Islam is not what many would consider a ‘religion of peace’ and that remains provable….that it is absolute nonsense and I give anyone the results of Fort Hood and Major Nidal Hasan…who committed and has been charged with thirteen counts of premeditated murder screaming Allahu Akbar as he both murdered and injured so many….and this in and of itself is insanity and nonsense of what has been characterized as ‘workplace’ violence….so, I find myself more than a little skeptical and leery of a Navy Rate that actually uses a cult of hate as the basis for inclusion …it hardly makes any sense at all…but our military is engaged in the same political correctness and multicultural voodoo that our own society has adopted ….huge surprise, hum??…..k

  2. EB: They actually carry guns, whereas the Chaps corps do not. Good folks, I’ve chatted with quite a number of them.
    Kris: Interesting, not something I’ve thought about.
    Lou: I thought so. The juxtaposition was new. . .

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