Navy Approves New Undershirt

The Navy has just approved a new undershirt emblazoned with the red-and-white Don’t Tread On Me moniker. I do worry that the red will show through. We will see.

6 thoughts on “Navy Approves New Undershirt

    • Haha! Plus, the Army’s has the Battle of the Bulge on it. Which may take on different meanings with those humongous tanker guys who play offensive lineman.

  1. Being from over here! I feel this is an Army~Navy thing that I need to keep well away from. (Navy has the edge on uniform)…

    Yours Aye.

  2. nd: I’ve always liked the Ensign. And the yellow variant, the Gadsen.
    EB: Aww, you gotta pull for the sea-service.
    Lou: I am going to pretend I did not just read that.

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