Dos Mas

Two more, CAPT Ted Williams, CO of the Mount Whitney, and CDR Ray Hartman, CO of the Fort McHenry. Do I even need to say what has occurred?

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  1. Far be it for me to judge; even though we as individuals, do; I believe and I feel this strongly the reason for all these examples of human error and flawed behavior is due to the example and enablement from the top…and we know who and what that is…it isn’t at the end of the day, not that these individuals aren’t flawed because we all are; it’s because they observed what was transpiring and decided to engage in equivalent behavior….there are no excuses; whether we admit it or not, we still remain responsible for our actions, inactions and behavior in our lives….we all know this and it’s no surprise…..disappointing but no surprise….k

  2. 22 last year, and up to 23 this year?

    My belief is that it has always happened throughout history, with the exception that recent times allows the ‘net’ more open access to such relationships.

    Thank God Nelson wasn’t caught, other wise we may be speaking French now?

    Yours Aye.

  3. As usual, comments on the article never fail to amuse. Having said that, it comes to mind that during my 22 years there were no firings of Commanding Officers within my personal orbit. Although there were a couple that mayhaps should have been fired for leadership qualities. I’m left wondering if the pace of firings is fallout from the “feelgood” mentality of the ’60s-’70s?

    1. I’m confident you are correct, Sir Flugelman and there are those of us who remain the product of those 60s and 70s ‘feel good’ mentality….I was always rather suspicious of that as a basis for the outcome…k

  4. Is it that command gives a swelled head and they think they are Democrats and the law and rules are for everyone else. Of course we don’t know the details yet, but next to murder, rape, stealing or sexual misconduct with people under their command, all a firing does is make the Navy look bad. These are very capable officers who worked hard to get where they are. I would be interested in seeing inside the closets of some of the admirals.

    1. Coffeypot

      I am setting traps in my closet; the summer moths have visited and left one of my favourite winter wooly-pulley’s with more holes than a ‘holy’ mans string vest worn on ‘holy’ sunday!

      Yours Aye.
      (Wearing a ‘ventilated’ wooly-pulley and feeling the breeze blowing).

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