A Burka as a Model T

Henry Ford once quipped you can have any color as long as it’s black when referring to the Model T. Somehow, I think this translates to buying a burka in Afghanistan:

Kabul, Afghanistan’s oldest market, where most anything for the home can be purchased, including these burkas.

What if Nike tried to spin the classic blue burka? Would it look something like this:

Photo by Hassan Hajjaj, models in Nike and Adidas, definitely some mellow jihadis

Hey, you gonna ride that motorcycle or just drape yourself on it?

10 thoughts on “A Burka as a Model T

  1. First Pic.

    Is it a clothing store for vestal virgins?

    If so they must be doing a roaring trade with the hammering the Gaza strip has been taking this past week.

    Second Pic.

    I can only imagine the face of a religious policeman when he sees these ‘smiling babes’ sashaying by in their racy western garb.

    The day we see the mighty yellow ‘M’ of McDonalds on such items, is the day that we know they have been licked good and proper!

    Keep ‘yer’ eyes peeled…

    Yours Aye.

  2. Exactly, Ex Bootneck….although don’t you just love those lovely and startlingly blue burqas? Only in Afghanistan do they have the dyes to make their distinctively blue tints…I noted that some years ago…how would you define them in all their variety….ultramarine, sky blue?? What?

    As to the burqa bike babes…trying to Westernize themselves? Too far a stretch actually….k

      • Then you have not been to Brighton beach over here in the summer season…

        More ‘frocks’ than a Scottish Highland Regiment on parade?

    • In Afghanistan they do a winter blue, a summer blue, an autumn blue, a spring blue, a wedding blue, a christening blue, a courting couple blue, a ‘nip to the corner shop’ blue, a sunday best blue, a ‘visit to the in laws’ blue, and an every day ‘stay at home’ blue!

      And next years new fashion colour looks like… ‘blue’.

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