Budget Cut Strikes Brits and Russians

Sadly, due to budget cuts, the British military has had to exchange out real rifles for paintguns, as modeled by a gleeful Prince Charles:

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (in his role as Colonel of the Welsh Guards) shoots a paintball gun after presenting leeks to mark St. David’s Day to the 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards at Cavalry Barracks.

Of course, that is nothing like the Russian Navy. They have opened pool halls on their submarines to make a couple more rubles:

Russian Submarine Pool Hall

 I would hate to scratch.

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  1. That photograph of Charles is just too too…I’d love to find out from our good and fine friend, Ex Bootneck what he thinks of his once & future monarch…I have heard some rather bizarre things about the Duke of Wales…he’s a secret Muslim as is the Queen, his mother…I don’t buy that…that seems a bit of a stretch even for the conspiracy minded…I do know Charles is quite the believer in climate change, a non-starter in terms of reality…he’s a natural food advocate…runs a dairy farm, produces his own food, naturally grown of course…and believes in doing his part to the lowering of CO2 levels…I knew we’d lost him when he started talking about that….but since his family are hereditary monarchs, what he does in his spare time, and his charitable works, is certainly his business….I would appreciate some input to further my knowledge in regard to Charles….lovely fellow, isn’t he???…..k

      1. Having seen such Russki Subs up close, I would think It’s the only non-mechanical thing that works on board…

  2. Kristen

    Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states and their territories and dependencies, as well as head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations.
    The ruling Monarch acts as The Supreme Governor of the Church of England (as the Queen is the head of the Church of England [protestant], it follows suit that both she and her son Prince Charles are ‘not’ secret Muslims), which was a popular view cast by certain reporters of the MSM.

    Much is rumoured about Prince Charles, the Heir Apparent to Queen Elizabeth II.
    In general the rumours hail from the MSM outside of our territorial waters.

    In my mind I have doubts that ‘Charlie’ will be appointed King. He lost face when the truth of his sham marriage to ‘Diana’ appeared in the MSM, his long-term secret affair with ‘Camilla Parker-Bowles was out, leaving his reputation in tatters.

    Upon the death of the Queen methinks ‘Charles’ will step in as ‘Prince Regent’ and hold the reins until Prince William steps up. It has been proven that ‘William’ is more than capable to do so now. It is also known that ‘William’ is favoured by the Queen for the role, which is one reason for his recent marriage.
    (As well as the fact that significant political changes within the running of the Royal household has switched in his favour this past week).

    My view of Prince Charles is that he is a honourable decent man (who made a past mistake that this country holds against him). His betrayal of ‘Diana’ also betrayed the Church of England and the values it holds dear, it also betrayed the values of the general public.
    His controversial outbursts within the UK’s MSM have also greatly reduced his chances of ever becoming this country’s Monarch.

    That said; he has always sponsored charities and noble causes, and given more than any other ‘Royal’ family member, second only to the Queen.

    The Royal Family holds more political and financial power than what is generally known of. It is used for the benefit of good. It stretches around the globe.

    I swore my Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, her Heirs & Successors and this Sovereign Land. I will stand by that until I cease breathing.

    You may find the following link to Prince Charles interesting.


    Yours Aye.

    1. I’m aware of your initial statements of fact, Brennan…there are a few of us who know that the Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Church of England as her antecedents have been for hundreds of years after the initial break with the Holy Roman Church…King Henry was a fine fellow too with many marriages to his credit…sorry, sarcasm/off…and as you have stated correctly that information was implied by many of the MSM to introduce doubt for the remaining peons, of which I include myself….I, of course, never believed it in the first or second place….people that share no love for Britain are those who tend to spread this type of rumor….I am fully aware of this as well…there are many, and I know a few who believe the worst of anyone British and Britain’s own record of imperialism or so they claim…we have one as our current president and although his is attitude and behavior are more than a little questionable, and I personally find him and his politics reprehensible, he’s who we have for the moment….I find it almost impossible to apologize for someone whose politics I eschew…Americans voted for this person a second time….I’m still shell-shocked, if you must know….but life continues on…and moving on and past it will be the purpose of my continued time spent on the planet….we both have our purposes and destinies, wouldn’t you say??…k

  3. EB: Awww, alright. So Prince Charles is a good guy, what with his charities and all.
    Kris: Imperialism also had its strengths, as in it brought technology to new places.

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