Navy for Moms

Navy for Moms is a website for the mothers of Sailors. Here is their page for the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD6.) My concern with sites like this is OPSEC. But it appears mostly tame. And there is lots of good info at the website’s main page.

2 thoughts on “Navy for Moms”

  1. This e-mail/computer stuff is great. Wife was an ombudsman in one of the squadrons I was in ( in the way-back pre-computer days) one of the biggest problems she had was getting the word out to the wives letting them know what was avaible to help them. The Skipper was a people person, knew that if you could help the wives with any problems they had, kids, pay, bills, medical, transportation , etc, etc, that the world would be a happy place. Hell the only thing we sailors had to do was our job the Wives had the tough roe to hoe.

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