Liu Bolin Hides from his Wife

I have heard of men standing in the shadows of their wives and vice versa. But this is a new one. A man who is painted to resemble his (possible) wife. Look closely at the female sailor. You see Liu Bolin?

Liu Bolin, hiding in the female sailor

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  1. I know someone or at least did while in Connecticut who it was said was a Major in the Chinese Army…an intelligence officer BTW …a woman who studied opera and I’ve heard her perform…she and her American husband, a friend own one of the best Chinese restaurants on the Connecticut shoreline…Ho Ping is quite an amazing woman with an abiding capitalist heart….and the success she and her husband (and it’s mostly her, not him) have made of their financial lives is stunning…they both turned a once declining restaurant into one of the few success stories out there…her restaurant was written up in the Connecticut section of the NYTs…and if that isn’t success, nothing is….one other thought…some years ago I had read a comment Pearl S. Buck made regarding China and its initial foray into communism..her expertise was that she spent most of her life in China…she stated that the Chinese people would never ever become true Communists because of their inherent difficulty with the concepts of that ideology…their family based value system and the nature of the Chinese heart would never fall to such an depressing statist and failed ideology….unfortunately, Ms. Buck may have been wrong in much of that thinking because after all we’ve been seeing over sixty years of a totalitarian China with no letup in sight..but every once in a while we see something that confirms her hope & basic premise that provides a ray of hope to many of us looking on….k

    1. Kristen

      It may well be old news, but I only picked up on it today;

      China’s newly appointed general secretary Xi Jinping sent his daughter Xi Mingze to Harvard University two years ago, where she resides to this day.

      Who’d have ‘thunk’ it.

      Yours Aye.

      1. How interesting and this young woman looks something like Ho Ping…distantly related, perhaps??…but my acquaintance is perhaps in her mid-forties…or even older..she’s older than her husband…it remains difficult to determine any Asian woman’s age since they age so gracefully…..Asian women of every stripe and age remain very well perserved and my friend, and I consider her one despite some misunderstandings and a rocky beginning, is no exception…she has a beautiful voice and trained in the Chinese classics…it’s not something we here in the West have much exposure to but she is accomplished in many areas that we here in the West tend to overlook…her Szeuhuan specialties are far more fascinating to me however …all those spicy hot goodies….we don’t get to see too much of that in my current locale….

  2. Hiding behind a woman’s – skirt – trousers – jackboots (please delete each as appropriate).

    Yours Aye.

    1. In response, N1…no, it isn’t a joke and I wasn’t even trying to make one; and I know you’re just trying to be funny….but that is her name….I was spelling it phonetically of course…the funny thing is or perhaps ironic…when you meet people like this who literally came from nothing, it’s always a shock..when my mother passed away, Ho Ping asked if she could buy one of my mother’s furs…Mom had a number of them….and I actually gave her a fur stole belonging to my mother .. I felt badly it couldn’t have been more…as a remembrance of her…and if Ho Ping liked and admired anyone, it was my mother….I think on this one occasion I actually shocked her when I told her she could have it…my mother was slightly taller than a rather small Chinese woman and I realized even though it was my mother’s, I’d never be able to wear it…I’m still six feet tall and it was absurd to imagine I could wear something designed for someone who was five foot five…in any event, there a lot of things we dispense with as we move on and move through life…I certainly hope Ho Ping does remember every so often my mother, Gretchen really liked her…k

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