Daydream Believer

There is a psychological ailment some folks suffer from where they cannot separate their daydreams with real life.

Cordellia Amethyste Rose is one such individual. She really should become a writer and put her vivid, fantastical imagination to work. Or perhaps, she could launch a navel-gazing blog. For the record, everything I’ve posted in this blog has been real, except for the tiny joke, every now and then. Daydreaming has no place in the dodgy and dangerous world of naval blogging.

10 thoughts on “Daydream Believer”

  1. Navy One…just what are you telling us? Do you reside in an alternate reality?? I thought we all did…sometimes our dream lives are far more real than our daily reality…you should know that…..I’m very surprised you don’t….fantasy & science fiction….the Land of Oz and it’s getting closer, isn’t it???…k

  2. I would love to live in real life in my fantasy world. Looking like Tom Selleck, hung like a hose, leader of an awesome band of men, and when I drink beer it would be Dos XX, it would be a good life.

    1. Are there any women, they CP??? Thought I’d join you in that self-fulfilling fantasy you’ve concocted…..sounds like fun….in that reality, beer doesn’t bloat….and fluid retention is for the seasoned citizen, not us….dream on, my valiant warrior…dream on….k

      1. Hell yeah women are there. We would have a good time, too, Kristen. Being blessed with all we described plus having all the knowledge and experience we have now. Sigh! If only…

        1. Of course, we can CP….ah and then there’s reincarnation…now that is going off the deep end….young, hung and gorgeous….what else could you ask for??? I’ll keep visualizing and dreaming….k

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