Bitter Naval Emails

Perhaps at one time, a disappointed father would write a letter to his children or get them together for a good tongue-lashing. Retired Royal Navy officer Nick Crews decided on writing out a bitter email instead. . .

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  1. What an eminently sad commentary…and I would say it has quite a bit to do with the continuing whining and ever-escalating complaints of Western culture in general..the narcissistic me-generation and blaming everything on those who came before…why not just sit around and do nothing and expect that ‘nanny’ state to do everything for you…it’s so discouraging to see this is a end result and consequence of the culture wide ‘woe-is-me’ attitude and behavior of the twenty & thirty year olds of American culture as well as another culture so like our own…didn’t take long did it??? And I sympathize with the gentleman and his wife…growing up would be so helpful…but it seems almost a lost cause at this late date…..are we seeing the end of our civilization??? Should we smack all of them collectively or would we just get arrested for our good intentions??….k

  2. I read the same, as well as the response from his ‘simpering son’ in todays Mail on Sunday.

    Nick Crews, former Commander RN (Submariner) was/is highly respected and comes from the old school of hard knocks.

    I thought his letter was well written under the circumstances. He will be mortified to think that his children released such a personal view for the edification of the general public.

    BZ to Nick Crews.

    Yours Aye.

      1. They received private education at £30k a year and ended up achieving little for it.

        Disappointment from a Father & Grandfather that served within the RN as senior officers is understandable. The sorry part is that Grandchildren may not see their Grandparents at such a special time in life.

        There are two sides to each coin, which I do understand.

        I would think the Father expected more from them coming from such a background.

        Stout inflexible Royal Naval tradition, It’s an English thing I suppose; hearts of oak etc.


        1. I like stout naval tradition. Of course, I also like technology development. And with the latter also comes new ways of doing things.

  3. Most parents do the best they can at raising their children. I’ve seen some great parents produce failures. On the other hand, when our children are successful, we are proud and take lots of credit. But when our children our failures, it is never our fault – go figure. When all three of your kids are failures…it could reflect on parenting.

    1. Lou:
      Just an added note; this has everything to do with the current culture in both Britain and in the US as well…and it’s undeniable…we’ve lost our faith and belief in God…our moral underpinnings…there is no religious faith or belief in being and doing good…moral equivalence…there’s a huge problem…we’ve actually lost our way…no right, no wrong…except we all know there is…k

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