4 thoughts on “The Age of Aquarius”

  1. 6 brave ladies…

    Out of all the Arabic countries I found the archipelago of Bahrain offered the most interesting history.

    Just my view.

    Yours Aye.

  2. EB: Of the countries I have spent time in, in the Middle East, Bahrain was the best. Of course, that is not saying a whole lot.
    CP: Ha ha, the rebel!

  3. It’s interesting you should mention that, CP….Bahrain is far more rebellious as far as those within their own female population I would imagine…probably one of the wealthiest of all Arab states…can you imagine what they do behind closed doors? there’s a ton of money there and I would suppose there are women who do lay down the law with their husbands….but we can only speculate…..isn’t that the Arab nation that perhaps the wealthiest even outstripping Saudi Arabia…we know those with money indulge their children, even the females…just letting my overly active imagination run riot, of course…hard to visualize however; fourteen hundred years of female servitude to the opposite sex…disgusting…and wrong….and there has to be something going on we can’t even put our fingers on…..k

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