A Moral Waiver

I am not personally familiar with a moral waiver. But according to a recruiter, a moral waiver is: a request for an exception to policy concerning criminal history and enlistment in the military. If you have a criminal history, then you are disqualified from serving. A moral waiver is the exception to that policy.

3 thoughts on “A Moral Waiver

    • I agree. And sometimes kids are hoodlums and should not be in the military. It takes discernment to uncover who is who.

  1. As Coffeypot states “it is dependent upon the circumstances”.

    Way back a raw recruit explained his circumstances for joining the RM. I quote; “the Judge told me it was either join up, or face a juvenile sentence”. The same recruit earned his green beret & commando flashes along side me. He returned distinguished meritorious service to Queen & Country.

    He could have been turned away, but the RM Colour/Sgt at the careers office had the experience to recognise potential at a time when recruiting numbers were high. It was not a case of ‘need them & and feed em’.

    As the advert says “99% need not apply”


    I still believe the youth of today will step up if, and when, it is required of them.

    Yours Aye.

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