A Moral Waiver

I am not personally familiar with a moral waiver. But according to a recruiter, a moral waiver is: a request for an exception to policy concerning criminal history and enlistment in the military. If you have a criminal history, then you are disqualified from serving. A moral waiver is the exception to that policy.

3 thoughts on “A Moral Waiver”

  1. As Coffeypot states “it is dependent upon the circumstances”.

    Way back a raw recruit explained his circumstances for joining the RM. I quote; “the Judge told me it was either join up, or face a juvenile sentence”. The same recruit earned his green beret & commando flashes along side me. He returned distinguished meritorious service to Queen & Country.

    He could have been turned away, but the RM Colour/Sgt at the careers office had the experience to recognise potential at a time when recruiting numbers were high. It was not a case of ‘need them & and feed em’.

    As the advert says “99% need not apply”


    I still believe the youth of today will step up if, and when, it is required of them.

    Yours Aye.

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