Kim Kardashian at the Marine Corps Ball

Under penalty of antagonizing you, I must post this picture of Sgt. Martin Gardner and Kim Kardashian at the Marine Corps Ball this past week:

Kim Kardashian, Marine Ball, Sgt. Martin Gardner

My apologies. I try to avoid postings on a Kardashian of any sort. I blame the Sergeant.

9 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian at the Marine Corps Ball”

  1. Yeah, and I notice exactly what he’s looking at…did he need to be more obvious??? I had heard she tweeted how she enjoyed her time at the Marine Corps Ball and wished both our military and Israel well…it was then some really classy people responded with some nasty remarks and death threats….this is a result of liberals taking over the culture….nice and that along moral equivalence must have made her day….k

  2. I’m so not a fan of the Kardashians, but I very much appreciated that Kim tweeted her support of Israel — and I hope she learned something when Israel’s enemies responded to her tweet with death threats. Just because she’s a Kardashian doesn’t mean she’s incapable of drawing conclusions from the facts before her.

  3. Ms. Kardashian has just improved her status as a human being a couple of notches from my point of view. A far better use of her notability and celebrity-status than most things I’ve heard of her doing.

  4. My feelings on the celebrity world have been previously ‘articled’; enough said.

    At least Ms. K ‘got it off her chest’ when she tweeted her support of Israel! I endorse her sentiment, (I can only imagine the amount of incoming she will receive from the ‘ill disposed’ of the ‘left’ as well as the Islamic world).

    Yours Aye.

  5. Book: It is nice to see Ms. Kardashian supporting causes beyond herself.
    CP: Aw, c’mon. She is going to the MC Ball!
    Lou: See my comment to CP.
    ruralcounsel: Concur. My feelings exactly.
    Flugelman: Eyes in the boat!
    EB: I am sure both the left and Islamic world will continue to howl. Let ’em.

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