General’s Wife in Denial

Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair’s wife, Rebecca, seems to be in denial. She had this to say about the alleged misdeeds of her husband: It will take years for Jeff to shed the false image of a hard-drinking, porn-dependent aggressor,” Rebecca Sinclair said. The other generals will also struggle to rehabilitate reputations they spent decades building. All of these men are human beings, with strengths and fallibilities, and they have families who are under real strain. How we address this strain will say much about what kind of country we are; it will also determine how stable and strong our military is. The General is accused of forcible sodomy among a myriad of other sins.

7 thoughts on “General’s Wife in Denial”

  1. I have to ask..what is going on here??if our flag officers aren’t getting let go because they won’t do something this administration wants them to do, they’re getting raked over the coals for marital misdeeds…doesn’t that sound a little too coincidental and convenient??? I don’t buy this stuff…doesn’t anyone find this in the least bit suspicious???…k

  2. Old NFO: No kidding!
    Kris: We are undergoing a rough patch in our leadership. I guess that is the extent I can say, being active-duty and all.

        1. Kris – yes, even a little sooner with terminal leave, etc. I will miss this life, but definitely look forward to all the possibilities of retired Navy life!

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