Get Yer 1940 Humber Hexonaut!

For around $40,000 you can be the proud owner of this aerodynamic, World War II 1940 Humber Hexonaut GS 6×6 Amphibious Prototype. Whew, that was quite a mouthful:

1940 Humber Hexonaut GS 6×6 Amphibious Prototype

Please note that this is not an early Hummer, but a Humber.

5 thoughts on “Get Yer 1940 Humber Hexonaut!”

  1. I would think there is a reason why there were only three proto-types built… and it died with the man who conjured up the idea!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Wow!! A seventy year old vehicle that looks like it was designed to be run on the Moon…k

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