Murree Brewery, Pakistan’s Only Brewery

Bet you never knew that Pakistan has a beer brewery. Murree Brewery was established in 1860 by Great Britain to brew beer for their thirsty troops:

Faisal Mahmood, Reuters — Murree Brewery, established in 1860 by British colonial rulers to supply beer to their troops, is desperately looking for business overseas to hedge against its uncertain domestic market. Prohibition was imposed in Pakistan in 1977. Non-Muslims and foreigners must obtain a government permit to purchase alcohol at designated retailers which are mainly upscale hotels.

Pakistan’s lone beer maker, Murree Brewery.

I’m not a beer drinker, but surely there is a distributor in the States for this product?

4 thoughts on “Murree Brewery, Pakistan’s Only Brewery”

  1. The water that runs down the tributaries from the Margalla Hills, eventually form within Rawal Lake. The over flow is slowly feeds into a river that meanders and twists slowly through the countryside between thousands of Pakistani homes…

    Whose occupants use the same for drinking water & sanitary intake (and what comes in must be flushed out), back into the slow meandering river that eventually feeds the Murree Brewery whose copious needs are never-ending?

    Ahhhh… The aromatic smell of the Murree Brewery: whose beer, once quaffed is never, ever, forgotten! (It is recommended that you keep your toilet roll in the fridge after such consumption).

    Avoid it like a plague.

    The beer now produced under licence in the Czech republic should also be avoided as the bulk of the profit is returned to Pakistan.

    I personally refuse to buy a product from a country that produces fanatics, bullets, bombs, & bayonets for the bad guys, for use against our own.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Ha ha, good point on the river and good point on purchasing this beer. I was just on the phone with the Pakistani distributor, guess I’ll be hanging up now!

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