Chubby Protestor Should Try Austere Diet

If you are Spanish and are protesting the austerity measures, you might consider them for health reasons. Especially if you lean on the chubby side:

Riot police apprehend a protester during a general strike in Madrid, Spain

As is usual with unruly mobs, I support the police. Law enforcement is faced with an impossible job in these situations. They are confronted with massive numbers, instigators willing to pick fights, and photographers who will publish the most unflattering pictures. But not the action that brought them about. Yes, that knee in the back of a skinny 19 year old occurred because the punk threw a piece of cement.

5 thoughts on “Chubby Protestor Should Try Austere Diet”

  1. At least we now know who ate all of the pies! (The guy in front of the motorbike thinks he can’t be seen in his imaginary bunker)…

    You just know it is not going to end well when you fight the Greek and Spanish police as they are known for their extreme brutality. The same police are also facing severe financial cutbacks, in their wallets as well as through working conditions.

    The moral of the story is protest peacefully, and go home on one piece.

    Yours Aye.

  2. I’ve been smack dab in the middle of a riot. On Cannery Row if you can believe it. Mardi Gras, about 5,000 liquored up kids, some instigators and there you go. I got hit by a couple of those chunks of flying bricks. Three stitches in my right hand. Not fun.

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