Bang a Gong

A dread-locked, lip-ringed protester bangs on your window when you are having lunch in Madrid. I’ll bet I know what this guy is thinking:

A protester shouts at customers having lunch in a restaurant during a 24-hour nationwide general strike in Madrid.

5 thoughts on “Bang a Gong”

  1. Socialist unions strike yet again across PIGS (Portugal Italy Greece & Spain). The minority bringing misery to the masses…

    They all wanted to join the Euro Zone to lick the gravy from the European Union’s plate; now the gravy has run out, they do not wish to be part of its austerity measures (that will create more gravy for them to lick)!

    (((((((((( “””kerrrRRAACKKKKKK””” )))))))))) <——– That was the noise from one of my ribs as I roll around the floor laughing.

    43 major European Countries form the European Union, of which only 20 fully contribute towards it's maintenance, the remainder are only entitled to draw funds down (which they do with vigour). The 'minor' countries will contribute only when they fulfill the financial criteria required by the rules & reg's of the EU, where upon they become gold star countries with more rights?

    And they wonder why the Euro Zone is now officially back into a double dip recession?

    Not long before the €uro collapses and they all go their separate ways, which allows the UK to sling out all of the dross migrants who come here to milk our system dry. I will personally offer my right boot to create assistance where required.

    Please read the following from Daniel Hannan, the excellent Conservative EURO sceptic, who also sits as a Minister of the European Parliament. His reports and oratory speeches are considered to be political classics.

    He gets my vote every time.

    Yours Aye.

    1. Me too, Brennan…I love the guy…wish he could run for office here…if wishes were horses…k

      1. I second that, Kris. And I truly appreciate Mr. Hannan’s work, Ex Bootneck. A great American, who does not know he is American! (Forgive my new world chauvinism.)

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