Super Models Kissing the Troops?

I am sorry, I truly am. But I am going to have to enforce regulations around here. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) are not allowed in uniform. Jessica White, are you listening? I know this soldier is not:

Model Jessica White kisses a soldier during the Collect Kisses for the Troops event at Times Square on Monday in New York.

Collect Kisses for the Troops? So she gets kisses from civilians and then kisses active-duty guys? What is the exchange rate? And who does her bookkeeping? Is someone keeping time, so we get a one-second for one-second transaction? Eyes open or shut?

7 thoughts on “Super Models Kissing the Troops?”

  1. “Soldier?” Really? What uniform is that he’s wearing? Looks like an small carrier airline pilot or a Taiwanese train conductor.

    1. Well, Struan…I was in the local supermarket here in town this past summer and happened to see what I thought were officers of some military branch..,.although I haven’t been in the US Navy for a number of years I still couldn’t identify the uniform or the branch of service never mind the country of origin…so I asked….after I explained to him I had been retired from the US Navy for a time, and was curious …from the insignia and hardware, I could tell he had attained the rank of General; stars still mean something…but other than that, the US Army uniform has changed significantly over the years….amazing, actually….I don’t even care or approve of what they’ve managed to do to the Navy uniform…but then again no one asked me for approval….so everything’s copasetic this was a shocker to me…..k

      1. I haven’t been in the Corps for a number years either, Kristen but, when I was, I did a two year Embassy stint in London. I, necessarily, became familiar with varied & sundry nation’s military uniforms. The uniform the guy in the picture is wearing makes him look like an aide-de-camp to some tin pot Bannana Republic dictator. And what’s with the tin wings? Looks like they came out of a Crackerjack box. I am, undoubtably, undeniably and unapologetically (now), an Old Corps dinosaur but I’d be ashamed to go out in public in that rig.

  2. Over here there would have to be a pre-prepared drill movement for such a demonstration, especially in dress uniform (as laid down in the Book of Queens Regulations). Smugness or smiling like a Cheshire cat would be not be allowed whilst conducting such an evolution.

    Whilst in training my Drill Leader once explained (positively bellowed) that the ‘First Drill’ (the most senior rank within the DL’s branch) held a RM Military drill book that contained every drill movement known to man, which included everything from ironing a tropical shirt under jungle conditions to approaching an Officer with a message!!!

    He went on to explain (bellow) that a RM does NOT ‘faint’ on parade.

    “A Royal Marine falls into unconsciousness in a military disciplined manner, he does so by remaining at attention, and never places his arms out in front to break his fall. It is why God gave a RM a nose and a chin, they are there to act as a buffer so you do not damage your cap badge or your coveted Green beret”.

    He was serious, and I have witnessed some fantastic ‘falls into unconsciousness’!

    Pick the bones out of this…

    Yours Aye.

  3. Lou: That will be enough of that sort of talk.
    CP: I’ll let her know.
    Struan: A Taiwanese train conductor!
    Kris: It has happened to me too.
    EB: You can’t blame the guy for his Cheshire cat grin.

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